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An example use case where we search for hotels based in France that use specific web technologies.

Searching France-based hotel websites with contact forms for a mailing campaign

Imagine you are a startup that has developed a new AI tool for communication specifically between hotels and customers. The product is ready and you are about to win customers. You and your team have chosen France as your first target country. You need a list of hotels in France that have a website and already provide contact forms on the website (oldschool...exactly the customers who need your AI tool).

Let's take a look at how you can compile and download a list of such leads in a few minutes so that you can then import them into the CRM system of your choice.

1. After subscribing to webAI Lead you login with your credentials on dashboard.istari.ai

2. Search for "hotels"

We start simple and enter the search term "hotel" in the search bar and press enter. After a few seconds, we have the result: almost 978,570 companies mention this word on the website.

3. Filter for France

Using the Country drop-down menu below the search bar, we search for "France" using the small search bar and select it. The preview indicates that this filter will reduce your search to 29,839 hits.

4. Map zoom

We can zoom in on our search area using the arrow symbol <-> on the map.

5. Add language-specific search terms

As we are looking for hotels specifically in France, it can be assumed that many of the websites will be exclusively in French. It therefore makes sense to add further search terms in the national language. Chain the individual search terms with an or so that a hit is generated if at least one of the terms occurs (chaining with an and would mean that all search terms must occur). We therefore found a good 15,000 additional hits with the French synonyms.

6. Restrict search results to companies with an email address

Since you are planning an email campaign, you will need an email address for each company. You can easily exclude those companies without an email by clicking the small minus symbol - in the corresponding cell in the table for a company without an email. The tool tip will show you Filter out this main_contact_mail.

The filter set in this way will then be displayed immediately at the top under the search bar. You can remove it by clicking the x.

7. Using negative keyword filters

You can also use the search bar to exclude companies that mention certain keywords on their websites. Suppose your product is not suitable for campgrounds: You could simply filter these using the addition and not "camping". It is best to put a bracket around your other search terms so that it is clear that only at least one condition from this block (your positive search criteria) must be true and the second block must also be true (namely that the word "camping" is not mentioned).

8. Filtering by website technologies

WebAI analyzes the technical framework of each individual company website and maps the used web technologies in the TechStack indicator. This indicator can be accessed via the table and the contents of the corresponding cell can be expanded using the arrow symbol <->. In the screenshot below, for example, we can see that the company from our shortlist uses the WordPress web technology Contact Form 7.

To filter for a specific technology from the TechStack, simply enter "techstack" in the search bar. The dashboard will then show you that there are two columns with this name: techstack and techstack.keyword. These contain identical information. However, the information contained in the .keyword column is preloaded, as you can see below.

If you have selected one of the available columns, the dashboard will show you the available operations, and and or you already know. Here we need the : operator, which allows us to search for values that equals some value (in our case, a specific technology).

If we have selected the .keyword column, the dashboard immediately shows us suggestions for available (preloaded) values.

However, since we are not searching for a particular technology, but for contact forms in general, we do not want to use the techstack.keywords column here, but the normal techstack column. This allows us to use wildcards *. If we now enter "*contact form*" as the search value, we will search for all companies whose techstack column contains the word "contact form" with any characters before and after it.

We confirm our query by pressing the Enter key et voilà we have found 5970 companies that match our search criteria: Hotels from France that have contact forms on their websites and have an email address. Now all you have to do is download the data.

9. Download your company short list

All you have to do now is click on the three small dots ... in the top right-hand corner of the table and then click on Explore underlying data to download your table, as explained in the Company list exports section. You can select exactly the columns that are relevant for you.

After downloading, you can open the downloaded CSV file with Excel, for example, or import it directly into the CMS.

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