Company list exports

Read about how you can export your company list in 3 easy steps.
Note: You cannot use the downloader during the trial phase. It will be activated immediately when your trial ends and you become a regular user.

0. Compile your individual company list

Create your individual company list in the dashboard. You can use all available filters. These are automatically applied during the download.
Compiled company list.

1. Open downloader

Next, click on the three small dots ... in the top right-hand corner of the table and select Explore underlying data.
Table context menu.

2. Compile export table

The "Discover" downloader opens. All filters from the dashboard are automatically applied.
Discover view.
Create your individual table by adding fields (columns) to your table using the + Add field as column. You can also search for specific columns directly via the Search field names search bar.
Add fields to your export table.

3. Download company list

Caution: Please note that the finished download CSV files can have a maximum size of 100 MB. The maximum number of companies included will depend on the number of columns you add to your download. If all available columns have been selected, around 100,000 companies can be downloaded at once. If you reach the maximum download size and you are still missing companies, please contact us: [email protected]
If you are satisfied with your table and would now like to download it, click on Share at the top right and then on CSV Reports.
Share menu in Discover view.
Then click on Generate CSV.
Generate CSV.
Your download is now being prepared. Depending on the size of the export, this can take up to a few minutes.
Download queue dialog window.
As soon as your export is ready for download, this window will appear. You can download your export via Download report. Caution: As soon as you have activated the download, you will be charged for it. See pricing.
Finished download dialog window.
You can find all the exports you have compiled under Stack Management > Reports. There you can download new and previously created exports. Important: You will only be charged for the first download. After that, you can download your export as often as you like without incurring any costs.
Prepared export files.
You can find Stack Management by clicking on the three lines under the ISTARI.AI logo in the top right-hand corner and selecting Stack Management.
Stack Management in main menu.