Pricing & plans

ISTARI.AI offers two different subscription tiers to the webAI Dashboard.
You may upgrade from webAI Lead monthly to yearly or even webAI Insights any time by managing your account.
webAI Lead
webAI Insights
Find perfect leads now. Search millions of monthly updated companies by keyword, industry, region and web technology. Export phone numbers and email contacts. We offer three webAI Lead tiers: - Free - Basic - Professional
Search monthly updated companies by industry, technology and product portfolio. Leverage science-based business indicators to improve your search.
Annual costs
  • 0€ (Lead Free)
  • 500€ (Lead Basic)
  • 2,000€ (Lead Professional)
Search 20 million companies
Free text search
Science-based indicators
Thousands of tracked web technologies
Telephone numbers and emails
Premium support and onboarding
✅ (only Lead Professional)
Download flat Academic discount Public institution discount Upload and enrich you own data sets Additional seats
Free company exports per month included
  • 0 (Lead Free)
  • 200 (Lead Basic)
  • 1,000 (Lead Professional)
Visible search results
Costs per company export
  • 0.80€ (Lead Free)
  • 0.40€ (Lead Basic & Lead Professional)