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Scientific publications

Compilation of scientific studies and publications with webAI data.
The following scientific publications have used data by ISTARI.AI:
  • Abbasiharofteh, M., Krüger, M., Kinne, J., Lenz, D., & Resch, B. (2023). The digital layer: alternative data for regional and innovation studies. Spatial Economic Analysis, 18(4), 507–529.
  • Arifi, D., Resch, B., Kinne, J., & Lenz, D. (2023). Innovation in hyperlink and social media networks: Comparing connection strategies of innovative companies in hyperlink and social media networks. PLOS ONE, 18(3), e0283372.
  • Liu, C., Peng, Z., Liu, L., & Li, S. (2023). Innovation Networks of Science and Technology Firms: Evidence from China. Land, 12(7), 1283.
  • Schmidt, S., Kinne, J., Lautenbach, S., Blaschke, T., Lenz, D., & Resch, B. (2022). Greenwashing in the US metal industry? A novel approach combining SO2 concentrations from satellite data, a plant-level firm database and web text mining. Science of the Total Environment, 835, 155512.
  • Schwierzy, J., Dehghan, R., Schmidt, S., Rodepeter, E., Stömmer, A., Uctum, K., Kinne, J., Lenz, D. & Hottenrott, H. (2022). Technology mapping using WebAI: the case of 3D printing.