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Drop-down filters

Use drop-down menus to filter companies

Geography filters

Here you can filter firms by administrative units based on their exact location. The number of companies per country can be found here.
Geography filters.
If you choose, for example, "Deutschland" as a Country filter, it will take a couple of seconds for the dashboard to reload the map. Note that, so far, the names have to be queried in the respective official language of the country. It is possible to use several filters at the same time, e.g. to get all firms in Germany and Austria. You can Include or Exclude certain regions with these filters. If you want to change your filter, you can click Clear Selection (red eraser icon) in the respective drop-down. The value "UNK" means unknown. In this case, we were not able to locate firms within administrative units.
Country filter used to Exclude Germany and United Kingdom.

Retailer probability

In addition to using our TechStack indicator to filter companies with online shops, we build an additional indicator to discard retailers. We indicate the probability of a company website to belong to a retailer from low probability to high probability. Each class can be Include or Exclude and you may reset the filters just as with the geography filters described above.
Retailer probability drop-down menu.

Domain provider

Additional filter to discard domain providers. Functionality is identical to the drop-down menus described above. When companies shut down business and their domains (i.e. website addresses) are up for sale, the domain vendors (i.e. domain provider) shows ads when accessing these domains. In order to filter such cases you may Exclude the 1 values using this drop-down menu.

Video tutorial

German language with English subtitles.