Frequently asked questions.


What can I do when the dashboard does not respond?
Reload by clicking F5 on your keyword or use the reload button of your browser.
Why does the "Number of companies" element show "N/A"?
  • Make sure your filters and search query are correct. Also check for filters shown below the search bar. Try to clear all filters.
  • If your query is indeed correct, "N/A" means that no firm with the required properties was found.
Why is there a red loading bar on some elements but they just won't load?
Some elements, won't show results if there are no valid observations. Consider to reset your filters.
How can I zoom in on my filtered companies?
  • Click the double-sided arrow within the map.
  • You can also use the mouse to move around the map and zoom in and out.
How can I select companies using the map?
  • Click the wrench tool symbol in the map and select Draw shape to filter data and Draw shape. Draw your shape to select an area on the map.
  • Zoom into your area of interest. Click the three dots on the upper right hand corner of the map and select Filter dashboard by map bounds to select all companies in your current map extend view.
Why can't I find a company by using a keyword that is on the company's website?
There can be two reasons for this. Either it is a website that is very dynamic (with reloading elements) and therefore not all content could be analyzed. Another reason could be that the keyword you are looking for is on a subpage that webAI has not looked at. WebAI currently analyzes a maximum of 25 subpages per company and concentrates on the subpages with the most important information. Some websites have tens of thousands or even millions of subpages (just think of amazon.com). However, the vast majority of companies are mostly covered within 25 subpages. In Germany, the median is around 15: this means that 50% of companies have 15 or fewer subpages.
How do I find companies with standards and certifications?
If you are specifically looking for a standard or certification, it is best to use wildcards. For example, if you are searching for companies with the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, you could use this query text: "*iso*27001" to find all companies that mention variations in their text (e.g. "ISO/IEC 27001:2022" or "ISO-27001").
How can I remove all filters?
Simply click on the inverted pyramid at the top right of the search bar and select x Clear all.