Search bar

You can use the search bar to search for any keyword and filter companies according to our indicators. WebAI Chat can help you with your queries.
You can find the search bar at the top of the dashboard.
Search bar.
You can either write your own queries or simply use webAI Chat to convert your search into the appropriate query, which you can then copy into the search bar of the dashboard.
Exemplary conversation with webAI Chat and copyable query.
Just type in a single keyword that you want to search for, like a technology or a company name. You must put the individual search terms in quotation marks. For example, if you want to search for packaging machines, you would enter: "packaging machine"
Search bar with single keyword search and 3,210 resulting hits.
If you want to combine several search terms, you must link them with an and. Assuming you don't just want to search for companies that mention packaging machines, but also bamboo, you would enter the following: "packaging machine" and "bamboo"
Search bar with concatenated search terms and 94 resulting hits.
You can also use or and not to exclude words or include alternative search terms. Let's say you're still looking for companies that mention packaging machines and you also want the companies to mention bamboo or plant-based. Then you would enter the following: "packaging machine" and ("bamboo" or "plant-based")
Search bar with concatenated search terms and 190 resulting hits.
Note that you need to place a bracket here to combine the two search terms bamboo and plant-based as a logical unit. This means that packaging machine must ALWAYS be mentioned AND at least one of the terms bamboo OR plant-based.
Suppose you want to exclude the word food because you are only interested in non-food manufacturers in your search. To do this, you would concatenate the negative search term with an and not: "packaging machine" and ("bamboo" or "plant-based") and not "food"
Search bar with concatenated search terms and 12 resulting hits.
With these basics, you can now put together very specific queries. Please note that you may also have to take into account the national language of your search area. Assuming you are looking for your specific packaging machine manufacturers in German-speaking countries in particular, you could adapt your query as follows: ("packaging machine" or "verpackungsmaschine") and ("bamboo" or "bambus" or "plant-based" or "pflanzenbasiert") and not ("food" or "nahrungsmittel")
If you want to learn more about queries, have a look into our KQL section. Also don't forget to try out webAI Chat to help you creating the best queries.