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All company information at a glance.
The main table shows you all the companies that match your current query. Each row in the table represents one company. Each column displays information regarding the respective company. Use the sliders to move the table horizontally and vertically. Also use the navigation numbers at the bottom right to navigate to the next page. Note that you can also change the number of firms that are shown per page using the drop-down menu on the lower left hand side of the table.
Please note that the number of companies and columns shown depends on the plan you have booked.
Main table.

Value-based filtering

You can use all the values contained in the table for your filtering. To do this, hover over the corresponding value and use the + to display only companies with the corresponding value or the - to filter companies with this value. In the example below, you could use the + to show only companies from Portugal or the - to remove all companies from Portugal from your selection.
Value-based table filter.
Selected filters appear below the search bar.
You can also use the arrow symbol <-> to display the full content of a cell.
Cell value displayed.

Video tutorial

German language with English subtitles.