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An example use case to identify specific blockchain firms.

Exploring Blockchain Opportunities in the U.S. Energy Sector.

As a market research analyst for a leading energy company, your current assignment is to delve into the blockchain market, with a specific focus on disruptive web3 technology. Your goal is to pinpoint a unique intersection between the blockchain and energy sectors, particularly within the United States. The objective is to identify organizations at the forefront of incorporating blockchain technology into the energy field.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to quickly compile and download a list of such companies for immediate analysis and contact.

1. After subscribing to webAI Insights you login with your credentials on dashboard.istari.ai

2. Limit your search to the US market

Navigate to the country drop-down menu below the search bar and select the United States by ticking the corresponding label. This filter will streamline your search, reducing hits to approximately 6 million relevant results.

3. Include blockchain indicator

To identify companies deeply involved in blockchain technology, utilize our Blockchain Agent. Simply enter "blockchain_intensity > 0.8" into the search bar and press enter. This filter narrows down your results to medium-high to very high blockchain-intensive companies, bringing your list to around 3,000 companies.

4. Include energy indicator

Now, refine your search to companies at the intersection of blockchain and the energy market. Add our next agent by entering "energy_intensity > 0.8" into the search bar and connect both searches using the "AND" operator. This ensures that each company meets both conditions, leaving you with approximately 120 relevant companies.

5. Ethereum blockchain compatibility

To ensure compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain, further restrict your search by looking for companies mentioning "Ethereum" on their websites. This step refines your list to companies compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, resulting in about 27 companies.

6. Download your company short list

Click on the three small dots (...) in the top right-hand corner of the table, then select "Explore underlying data" to download your table, following the instructions in the Company List Exports section. Choose the relevant columns for your analysis.

After downloading, open the CSV file with Excel for further examination.

This streamlined process allows you to efficiently identify and engage with companies at the forefront of blockchain technology in the U.S. energy sector.

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